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Countdown to Rusty Hearts: Reborn

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What's New

Explore new worlds in the first Rusty Hearts expansion, Reborn. Get an exclusive taste of new content beyond dungeons and avatars with trailers and screenshots above.

Reborn will bring include a multitude of new updates to dungeons, PVP, Weapons, Combos, Skills, Skill Management and more. The most significant update to Rusty Hearts is coming soon. Be sure to Sign Up today to get more information.

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Rusty Hearts: Reborn Blog

Embark on the first major expansion for the critically acclaimed free-to-play action brawler MMO, Rusty Hearts. Despite releasing massive content updates, including new characters/avatars, dungeons, and bosses, we're bringing even more new content to Rusty Hearts in the expansion, Reborn.

Expansion First Look

Get your first look at the Rusty Hearts: Reborn Expansion by watching the teaser trailer. Reborn will engulf you in a wave of new content, including new dungeons, game enhancements, and lots more. The revival has started, click the trailer on the right to see more!

Expansion Launch

Rusty Hearts: Reborn is finally here! See the full length launch trailer with an expanded look at new dungeons, bosses, enemies, weapons, focuses, tweaks and more. The revival has begun, continue the fight and play Rusty Hearts: Reborn today!



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